Meri Kirihimeti

December 26, 2020
When we look back on this year, we are very thankful to our sponsors for their generous support. The COVID-19 relief that was sent twice during the desperate time was a blessing. It was very badly needed and we got it at the right time to provide food items to people in need...
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Children All Well.

July 31, 2020
Recent contact with our team in India has assured us that all our children are being well cared for. However, one of our team has contracted the COVID virus and is currently being cared for in hospital....
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“We were so heartbroken about the news of Marina.  She is the first person who left us from our ASHA Family, our strongest hope and faith is we will be all together again in one place one day.  The ASHA India family are presently all well.  However, COVID-19...
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In Sympathy

June 11, 2020

Marina Dinsdale

It is with heavy hearts that we write of the passing of Marina Dinsdale.  Marina was one of ASHA Ministries founders and has been a NZ Board member since its inception.   Marina died peacefully at her home in Hastings on 2nd June.  She was a much-loved fr...
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From India

May 22, 2020
Two things struck my heart this morning. Firstly, I just want to THANK GOD for keeping us safe, from this cyclone, as well as from COVID-19, and secondly, I really felt disturbed for the migrant people who are stuck at the borders of our state and also those who are in the s...
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Covid-19 Update

May 7, 2020
The Eastern states where we work suffer 25% of India's natural disasters, which means that the crisis precautions were largely already in place.  Existing cyclone shelters are being used to house migrant workers from other states during the coronavirus outbreak.  I...
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Vibrant India

March 3, 2020
From the Himalayas in the North to the tropical regions in the South, India is a land of colour, contrast and contradictions.  India is rags and riches, the poor and the silver spoons, the monsoon and the drought, hot spices and gentle flavours, tears and smiles, d...
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