ASHA concentrates on providing a brighter future for the neediest children. Supporting widows and orphans who are among the most disadvantaged. Raising hygiene and sanitation standards by providing safe drinking water and sanitation facilities. Providing relief assistance in emergency situations. Introducing income generation initiatives to raise people out of poverty.

Supporting Youth & Children

Our work with youth and children provides a refuge for the poor and disadvantaged. The youth and children are provided with shelter, food, education, and their holistic needs are met.

At our Youth Hostel and Child Centres on-going funding is required for clothing, medication, educational needs, musical and sports equipment.

We would love you to join with us in this exciting project that is making such a difference in the lives of these children.

There are two ways that you can contribute to HCH Youth Hostel and Child Centres.  

1. Each of our Youth and Children has an individual sponsor.  Sponsorship is $65 per month. To learn more about HCH Sponsorship click the 'Contact Us' button below.

2. Extra-curricular activities and items not covered by sponsorship are funded by way of donations from HCH Partners. You can donate in this way by clicking the 'Make Donation' button below.

HCH Youth Hostel

The HCH Hostel provides life giving care where all needs are met.  It has a family feel and provides support and encouragement where they have fun, learn together and share the daily chores.

State-run education is provided, and our house parents help by tutoring in the evenings.   The Hostel aims to shape well rounded, well equipped young people who can make the most of opportunities to ensure they have a bright future. 

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HCH Child Centres

The HCH Child Centres are located amongst the poorest communities in rural villages.

Children come into our Centres from the age of five.  At the start of the day children walk or cycle and arrive early for a meal.  They are supported by the staff who ensure that each child is cared for and is prepared for the school day at the State-run school.  After school our staff assist with school projects and homework. All the children are provided with a nutritious meal. Our staff also teach and equip our children in all aspects of life development and provide awareness of good hygiene and sanitation. 

Youth & Children

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Sanitation Facilities

Until recently the majority of Indian villages have had very little access to toilets. The Indian government is currently undertaking a toilet-building programme, as part of its “Clean India” mission. 

In line with this goal to improve hygiene standards in rural villages, we are committed to putting toilet facilities at every location where we construct buildings.  

Raising Hygiene Standards

$2,000 To Build A Facility

Water Bores & Wells

While India's economy continues to grow rapidly, hundreds of millions of people across the country still struggle with poverty, malnutrition, poor sanitation, and lack access to clean drinking water.

About a third of the world's poor live in India, battling gender and class inequalities to climb out of poverty. Safe drinking water and improved hygiene can give these families a chance for healthier, happier lives.

Providing Clean Water

$1,500 Will Install A Well
$3,000 Will Install A Bore

Widows & Orphans

Economically widows and orphans are amongst the most disadvantaged groups in India. Widows are expected to mourn until the end of their lives with charity as their only means of support. 

In India there is almost no infrastructure to provide support for its huge number of orphans.  With millions of children orphaned, less than 1% are likely to end up in an orphanage, the rest have no voice and have to fend for themselves.

Our team distributes welfare packages to assist widows and orphans in the places where we work.  Our Child Centres provide for all the needs of the orphans in our care.

Helping the Most Vulnerable

Crisis Assistance

We have assisted in relief efforts in the wake of earthquakes, tsunamis, cyclones and pandemics. In response to the recent pandemic, our team on the ground was able to distribute relief packages containing emergency supplies, blankets and essential food items.  

Our focus is always on those that need it the most including elderly, widows and orphans.

Distributing Emergency Packages

Economic Empowerment

Income generation lifts families from poverty to self-reliance. Our most recent project has been to supply goat herds to rural families. There are three benefits to this: immediately they have nutritional milk for their families and have excess to sell; as the herd multiplies produce output increase rapidly; surplus off-spring can be sold for instant cash benefits.


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