Thank You!

Thank you for the overwhelming response to our COVID Relief Appeal.  Our people on the ground will be distributing relief to our ASHA India families and community contacts in rural India. We willRead more

Emergency Appeal

We have just received correspondence from our ASHA India Board further outlining the worsening situation that COVID 19 is inflicting on the communities in which we are working and other individualsRead more

Children All Well.

Recent contact with our team in India has assured us that all our children are being well cared for. However, one of our team has contracted the COVID virus and is currently being cared for inRead more

Pandemic Worsens In India

India has now overtaken Russia as the country with the third-highest total reported cases in the world. The disease is spreading quickly, and hospital facilities are already stretched. At thisRead more

COVID Relief Package Distribution

We are very thankful for donations that have allowed us to buy relief packages and are happy to report that they have now been distributed by ASHA India. Read more

Things Are Going To Be Different

“We were so heartbroken about the news of Marina.  She is the first person who left us from our ASHA Family, our strongest hope and faith is we will be all together again in one place one day.  TRead more

In Sympathy

It is with heavy hearts that we write of the passing of Marina Dinsdale.  Marina was one of ASHA Ministries founders and has been a NZ Board member since its inception.   Marina died peacefully atRead more

From India

Two things struck my heart this morning. Firstly, I just want to THANK GOD for keeping us safe, from this cyclone, as well as from COVID-19, and secondly, I really felt disturbed for the migrant peopRead more

Covid-19 Update

The Eastern states where we work suffer 25% of India's natural disasters, which means that the crisis precautions were largely already in place.  Existing cyclone shelters are being used to houseRead more

Relief Packages

In the battle against COVID-19, the Indian government has extended their nationwide lockdown. The lockdown has caused economic problems for India’s marginalised poor including the families that weRead more

Vibrant India

From the Himalayas in the North to the tropical regions in the South, India is a land of colour, contrast and contradictions.  India is rags and riches, the poor and the silver spoons, the monsoon Read more


There is a sense of alarm among healthcare professionals across India as the country hunkers down in wait for what many believe will be a tsunami of coronavirus cases.  Prime Minister Narendra ModiRead more

Supporting Youth
& Children

“I come from a very poor village where there is no school. My family was not able to feed all of us so I am very happy to be in the Hostel. I am getting an education and am very grateful to my NZ sponsors” - Ruben (aged 10).



Crisis Relief

India frequently faces calamities such as droughts, floods, hailstorms, cyclones and unseasonal rain. The Indian government says the eastern area of India where we work has unique geoclimatic conditions that make it vulnerable to multiple natural disasters.



Economic Empowerment

You may be surprised how much of a difference providing income generation can be life changing not only to families, but to the well-being of the wider community.



For The People
By The People

People are at the heart of everything and anything we do. From those called to work in the hostels, to those reaching out into the communities we serve and to the families we connect with,  through it all, we strive to demonstrate love, grace and compassion.




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