ASHA's 20th Celebration

Village Baptist and ASHA New Zealand would like to invite you to attend the 20th Anniversary of the ASHA Ministry in India.Read more

The Jeanette Wakefield Hall at Godipokhari

ASHA works for the educational, social, spiritual and economic development of the downtrodden communities in India and aims to bring lasting changes into the communities they support. One suchRead more

Thousands Flee

The state of Manipur in India has experienced a violent conflict that has resulted in many deaths and displacements. The conflict started when some groups opposed the demand of another group to getRead more

40C heat pounds India

The heatwave that has been plaguing the states of West Bengal, Bihar and Andhra Pradesh in India is forecast to continue through the coming week. Daytime temperatures of 40C have been recorded forRead more

Heat Wave

We have just had an update arrive from ASHA India "Now we have a little rain so we are very happy because the summer heat was very much unbearable to us." Please see below recent news article InRead more

Vaccine Roll-Out

Over 1 billion people in India have had their first Covid Vaccine and 329 million are now fully vaccinated.  These are staggering numbers however it represents only 23.8% of the population being fulRead more

Site Manager Update

Our Site Manager brought great news to us this week.  He reports that all is well with the sponsor children.  They are so very grateful for the continued support from the sponsors.  They are alsoRead more

A powerful cyclone has torn into Eastern India

Cyclone Yaas, which intensified into a "very severe cyclonic storm", hit the states of West Bengal and Orissa - also known as Odisha.  This is the second cyclone to hit the country in a week afterRead more

India struggles with COVID

Even though the COVID situation in India is grim, we are grateful that technology has allowed us to keep in regular contact with our ASHA India Team.  They want you to know that all financial supporRead more

Construction Projects in Full Swing

We are very excited that building work at our new centre is now in full swing. It is great to see this project nearing completion as it means that we will no longer be reliant on rented accommodationRead more

Experts say a sharp rise in Covid-19 cases ‘alarming’

Experts say that poor adherence to safety protocols is driving the surge. There were 37,000 new cases reported on 21 March, a sharp increase from the low of 10,000 per day experienced earlier in theRead more

Meri Kirihimeti

When we look back on this year, we are very thankful to our sponsors for their generous support. The COVID-19 relief that was sent twice during the desperate time was a blessing. It was very badlyRead more

Supporting Youth
& Children

“I come from a very poor village where there is no school. My family was not able to feed all of us so I am very happy to be in the Hostel. I am getting an education and am very grateful to my NZ sponsors” - Ruben (aged 10).



Crisis Relief

India frequently faces calamities such as droughts, floods, hailstorms, cyclones and unseasonal rain. The Indian government says the eastern area of India where we work has unique geoclimatic conditions that make it vulnerable to multiple natural disasters.



Economic Empowerment

You may be surprised how much of a difference providing income generation can be life changing not only to families, but to the well-being of the wider community.



For The People
By The People

People are at the heart of everything and anything we do. From those called to work in the hostels, to those reaching out into the communities we serve and to the families we connect with,  through it all, we strive to demonstrate love, grace and compassion.




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