Meri Kirihimeti

When we look back on this year, we are very thankful to our sponsors for their generous support. The COVID-19 relief that was sent twice during the desperate time was a blessing. It was very badly needed and we got it at the right time to provide food items to people in need. Because of Lockdown, there was no work, no money, so no food for people who are daily labourers and poor. So ASHA reached out to those people and provided them relief assistance. 

Due to this lockdown, many people in India lost their job, but we are so much grateful to our ASHA- NZ for your faithful support to our ASHA staff and volunteers. All our ASHA staff and volunteers are so delighted and grateful for your regular support and the COVID-19 relief in difficult times.

Your sincere and faithful help has blessed us to come a long way since 2004. Your thoughtful concern and emergency support during some difficult times especially during cyclone times and in Covid-19 period has always helped us and provided a boost to our organization.  We are very much thankful to our sponsors, partners and also to ASHA-NZ board members for your ongoing support.

Merry Christmas – ASHA India 


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