Heat Wave

India recorded 280 heat wave days across 16 states in 2022 — most in decade

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"Now we have a little rain so we are very happy because the summer heat was very much unbearable to us."

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In 2022, India recorded its hottest March. This triggered an early onslaught of heat waves that engulfed several states across North, Central and East India from March-May this year, according to a news publication.

Heat-wave like conditions prevailed in 16 states of India from March 11-April 24, 2022, stated State of India’s Environment In figures, 2022 (SoE in figures, 2022). 

The country reported 280 heat wave days from March 11-May 18, 2022 — the highest in 12 years, it said. While IMD releases heatwave days for individual states every year, the book has added them up to reach the India figure. This has been done to make the numbers comparable. For example: In 2011, heatwaves were reported in Andhra Pradesh (8), Rajasthan (7), Punjab (6), Haryana and Tamil Nadu (3 each), Madhya Pradesh, Odisha and Uttar Pradesh (2 each), and Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Delhi,  Gujarat, Jharkhand, Maharashtra and West Bengal (1 each). They add to 40 heatwave days for India.


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