From India

Two things struck my heart this morning. Firstly, I just want to THANK GOD for keeping us safe, from this cyclone, as well as from COVID-19, and secondly, I really felt disturbed for the migrant people who are stuck at the borders of our state and also those who are in the streets and far from their home and family. The situation is such that the people are struggling for their survival and are eager to get back to their homeland. You can imagine how helpless they are, staying without money far away from home in this pandemic situation.

No doubt the government is taking precautionary measures to ensure that every migrant is safe, but many migrants are missing out because of the huge numbers. Many NGO’s are providing relief packages, and also there are many volunteer people helping distribute the packages to the poor people suffering due to COVID-19.

However, the situation is not getting better, every day we hear heart breaking news, it seems like mankind is helpless in this pandemic. Bottom line is, apart from helping others during this pandemic time, most importantly there is a need of prayer from our heart.

Join us in prayer for the families who have lost their loved ones. We have to pray for those who are affected by Corona virus, we have to pray for the migrants and people who are stuck outside, we have to pray for those who are struggling with finance, there are so many points for prayer.


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